In April 2021 I was elected as the 45th Provost & President of Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin. My ten-year tenure started in August 2021. It is my great honour to serve the Trinity community in this role. 


Engineering and the Arts

Before taking on the role of Provost I was Professor of Engineering & The Arts here in Trinity. For decades I have worked in and across the domains of wireless communications and creative arts practices. Of the 26 PhDs who have graduated under my supervision, half come from engineering backgrounds and half from the arts.

I have published in leading academic journals and conferences in the wireless communications space and I’ve achieved many firsts in my field. I have created work for galleries and with artists.

I have led a large team of engineers and computer scientists while at the same time running the Orthogonal Methods Group – a creative practice group that works in critical tension with technology. I cared as much about chairing the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board as I did about chairing the Douglas Hyde Gallery.


I love teaching. I have taught at undergrad and postgrad level within Trinity. I have taught in the School of Engineering, in the School of Computer Science & Statistics and in the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies. I’ve also taught as part of national and international initiatives.
Education, for me, goes beyond the third level sector and I have been involved in hundreds of outreach and public engagement initiatives. I want my teaching to be as accessible as possible to the widest amount of people.

I served as an undergrad tutor (and am doing so again) and a member of the postgraduate tutor advisory service for over a decade. I care about my pastoral responsibilities to our students.


Women of Connect
Research has always been a strong part of my identity. I have an international reputation in software radio and spectrum management, have published extensively in the field and given over 100 international keynotes. I am also known for working in the creative arts domain.
Over the course of my research career, I have personally raised in excess of €70 million in research funding. I have developed strong leadership capabilities, learned how to bring big teams together, navigate multifaceted research challenges and I successfully delivered on tough demands.
In 2015 I founded CONNECT, the SFI Research Centre for Future Networks & Communications. I grew CONNECT from concept to a thriving multi-institutional centre comprising 10 different third-level institutions and over 300 researchers with over 45 industry partners. I managed budgets of tens of millions, built testbeds on a national scale, oversaw hundreds of projects, and was involved in spinouts. I was the first woman to be a Director of an SFI Research Centre.


I served as an elected member of the Board (2001-2005), and served on over 60 other Trinity boards and committees.
I was Dean of Research for almost three years. I loved the job and it gave me an even broader understanding of Trinity. I was exceptionally proud to deliver our first ever Research Charter and standalone Research Strategy. I was fully involved in all aspects of research policy and represented Trinity nationally and internationally in that role. Working at a political level through the IUA was an important part of the role. We delivered for the sector during the Covid crisis.

Leadership for me is about service rather than power.

It‘s about building trust and growing relationships. It’s about empowering people. It’s about transparent decision-making. It’s about including diverse voices to make good decisions. It’s about taking responsibility.


It is about inspiring people to be the best they can be.


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